About Me-

I value family. I spend as much time as I can with my wife Stephanie, and our two girls Kaelyn and Peyton. We have two black labs named Rio and Scout, and an Old English Bulldog named Gunny. It is the core of this family that has started my pursuit of being a photographer. Steph and I wanted to start capturing their moments in life, our memories.

Along with family and photography, I enjoy many things. A good hike with my wife. The crack of a bat at a baseball game. Coaching my kids in sports, hanging out with friends, technology, camping, building things, meeting new people, a good nap, fishing, campfires, earning a paycheck, wine, music, a good joke, cars, a good burger and fries, movies, etc.

What it all comes down to is that I like to have fun, and I enjoy the simple things in life. It is these two things that translate into my photography. I love spending time with people, stealing their moments in time for them to have forever. My goal is to provide low cost, high quality photography. I strive to enhance my skills everyday, so when that moment comes, I can capture if perfectly. 

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